Thursday, April 28, 2005


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Om Amriteswaryai Namah!


In the morning Mother, all of a sudden, came to the kitchen and
began doing all the work. She sent all the brahmachdrins from the
kitchen saying, "Go and do meditation. Some still stood there hoping
to help.

One brahmacharin:

Shall I simply stand looking on while Mother is working?


Children, Mother does not feel that she is doing anything. It would
have been enough if you would have stayed at home if it was simply
for doing work that you came here. Otherwise, think over whether you
can do work with an attitude of dedication to God. Mother doesn't
think that you can do so, and therefore, you children should
meditate without breaking the daily routine. That is enough for


Mother, how many days are still needed to attain Truth?


Children, you work. Don't be sad thinking of time. God will give


However much work I do, if Mother's Grace is not there, there is
nothing. If Mother's sankalpa is there I will be liberated this very


Son, don't talk like that. That is weakness. If you work you will
get the wages. God will not simply give anything to anyone without
their working for it. Self-effort and grace are interdependent. If
tapas (spiritual discipline) is performed sincerely, you can then
see God's Grace flowing into you. Sitting behind the closed doors of
a room saying "The sun is not giving me any light" is foolishness.
Open the door and light will enter. Likewise, open the doors of your
heart by removing the obstacles of egoistic thoughts and by
developing such qualities as love and humility. That needs effort.
Prepare your mind to become a befitting instrument of God's Grace
which flows in a neverending stream.

You should pray to God to always be given work. You should not feel
that "Having done this much, I still did not get anything." God is
to be loved without desiring anything. Wishing for a vision is also
a desire. This is what God said when He was approached, "To overcome
the mind is more difficult than finding Me. See everything with an
attitude of equanimity. Overcome the mind."

Don't unnecessarily argue with others. Tell them, "I don't have time
to waste talking unnecessarily. My Mother has told me 'Truth is God.
That is in you also. It is everywhere. When you find That, you will
know your Self.' Mother hasn't said even to have faith in her." Also
tell them, "I am trying to know myself, to love and serve all with a
brotherly attitude. My aim is not to attain Liberation."


Mother,what is the nature of Atman?


No attributes at all. Changeless like the sky. It cannot be said
what It is. There is no motion at all. There is no "you" and "I"
there. It can be known only through experience.

Om Amriteswaryai Namah!

Awaken, Children! Volume 1 page 229-230
Dialogues with Mata Amritanandamayi

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