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Om Amriteswaryai Namah!

Thursday, 14 October 1982

Today was a Bhava Darshan day. The Devi Bhava was over
by 4 a.m. At
the end of Devi Bhava the Holy Mother sucked blood and
pus from the
head of a leper. On certain days, due to accepting the
illnesses of
many people, the Holy Mother would become sick but
would recover
within a few minutes. The Mother says,


A perfect person is filled with compassion when he
sees a leper or
such other persons; he will not feel disgust or
aversion. Through
concentration and divine power he can absorb the
disease into
himself. People who are coming here might have been
carrying around
their disease for the last ten or fifteen years,
different kinds of treatments and still not finding
any cure. If
Mother accepts that, she will have to suffer only ten
or fifteen
minutes and those poor people will be saved from any
more suffering.

The time was three in the afternoon. The Holy Mother
was lying on
the cot in her hut. Some of the residents were sitting
down on the


Mother, no improvment is seen in my sadhana. What
should be done for

Children, don't worry. All that will come. It is
enough if you try.
While sitting in an airplane as it is flying across
the sky, we will
not feel that it is moving, but once having reached
the destination,
we understand that we had been travelling all along.
Likewise, we
are progressing but it is too subtle for us to
understand. After
reaching the goal, everything will become clear.
Concentration, that
is what is needed. One who has concentration can
conquer this entire
world. Anyone will feel an attraction if his voice is
heard. One
look at him is enough to bring one to the spiritual
path, however
wicked one may be. Concentration should be increased
somehow. It is
possible through practice.


Mother, can meditation be done imagining oneself as
the form?


No, that is not necessary. The ego will come if
meditation is done
on oneself. Not only that, it is always better to
choose a Perfect
Being as your form of meditation. Whichever form you
meditate on,
eventually we will come to the understanding that we
and That are
one. During the period which Mother meditated she saw
herself as

Om Amriteswaryai Namah!

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