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Om Amriteswaryai Namah!

SRADDHA Alertness

The Holy Mother was working in the kitchen. It is interesting and at
the same time amazing to watch the Mother's kitchen work. She works
very quickly but she is very careful and alert. She can cook rice
and the necessary side dishes using less spices and still they are
tasty. Within an hour and a half, she can have the meal prepared for
all the residents.

As the cooking was going on, the Mother told the brahmacharin who
was assisting her,


You have burnt the mung beans by not pouring in enough water. While
doing one thing your full attention should be in it. Then only
sraddha will come. Do not distract yourself by chewing things or
talking to anyone while doing work. Your mantra should always be
chanted within. We should always be centered within. A person may be
rowing the boat for some time and then he sits and rests on his oars
without rowing for awhile. Even then he is alert as to whether the
boat is going straight or not. In the same way, we must have inner
alertness whether we are doing external work or taking rest. Even if
the guru scolds, beats and kicks, offer everything at the guru's
feet thinking that everything is for our own good.

The holy mother noticed that brahmacharin had not removed a banana
peel which was laying on the floor for a long time.


(To Brahmacharin) So, you have not removed that banana peel until
now even though you have seen it lying there.. If it lies there,
unknowingly somebody may step on it and fall down. Are we not at
fault for not removing it even after seeing it?

Understanding the mistake brahmacharin removed the banana peel.


Likewise you should be alert while walking along the road. if there
are any stones or pieces of glass, they should be removed. The
egoist one won't care about that. We should care that they also
should not slip and fall.

Om Amriteswaryai Namah!

Awaken, Children! Volume 1 page 233-234
Dialogues with Mata Amritanandamayi

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